graphic design for print and web


About me

I love being a designer. I've been in the business for about ten years and have designed for many markets: the home decor industry , independent filmmakers, and non-proffits, among others. I've worked as a freelancer, as a one-person in-house design department, and as a traffic coordinator for a large format print company.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles, but I have a degree from the University of Washington and have studied at various art schools. I started making websites in 2001 with Adobe GoLive and PhotoShop. Then came Flash MX and Dreamweaver, and in 2009 I started to switch over from to table-based layouts to designing in CSS.

I am very keen on keeping things simple, both in life and in my design. Stylistically, I lean towards clean lines, bold colors, easy to understand messages, and adequate use of empty space. I also have an appreciation for the elegant, the sophisticated, and the stylized, and I often bring those to my work as well.

I do most of my design production in Adobe CS products: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I also produce work for administrative professionals using PowerPoint.

When I'm not in front of a computer you'll find me making jewelry, out bird watching, or on the sofa with a good book.